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In our initial discovery call, we discuss your event in detail, including:

  • Conference theme
  • Attendee demographics and their desired takeaways
  • Scheduling, travel, and audio/visual
  • Speaker fee and travel costs
  • Other speakers & their topics (to prevent overlap)


To discuss your event, please call +1 424 234 9328 (9am-6pm PT, 12pm-9pm ET, 4pm-7am GMT), or email me here.


SPEAKER FEE + TRAVEL: My fee is modest compared to others covering this topic. I customize my talks for every single event. so that attendees get something meaningful rather than a canned speech they can find online. My fee covers preparatory research, customization, speaking and travel time.

EVENTS OUTSIDE THE US: travel fees must be wired to me in advance, or booked through your travel agent. Business class is a minimum requirement for flights over 5 hours. Generally, I am able to obtain significantly lower fares than most travel agents.

DISCOUNTED/WAIVED FEES: I offer discounted or waived fees for universities and non-profits, depending on the travel time, length of the talk, and the event.


I sign a contract with event managers that covers expectations and requirements for both parties (I can provide my own simple contract or can sign yours). The main goal is to agree on our understanding of the handling of any cash advances for fees, or to ensure I provide a replacement speaker in the event of an unexpected cancellation due to sickness.


While I speak regularly around the globe, my primary job is as an advertising executive supporting a roster of global clients. Once I commit to an event, I make every endeavor to fulfill that commitment. In the event that I must cancel, I will do my best to help you find a great replacement from my network of leading social/mobile/search thought leaders – as early as possible. This has only happened twice over the past 18 years.


Prior to the event, unless otherwise requested otherwise, I promote all speaking events through my own social channels and contacts, which include business leaders around the world. For 99% of my events, I publish the slides to SlideShare with speaker notes included. I can also assist with press releases. My presentations are regularly featured on the SlideShare homepage and have garnered over 210,000 views.

For some events, I’ve recorded a teaser podcast or video (see examples below) to drive attendance. Ask me for details.