On July 6 and 7, I had the pleasure of chairing the 2016 eBev Europe Conference for the Beverage Marketing Association. Besides opening the conference, I gave the second-day keynote — a brand-new presentation called the Five Horsemen of Digital Disruption. My primary point was that most “disruption pundits” talk breathlessly about Digital Disruption in much the same way they did about social media:  that it’s relatively easy and straightforward. But I know first-hand that no one likes disruption — and the work of digital transformation is actually quite difficult, and that large organizations pursuing transformation need rigor around people, culture and process in order to have a snowball’s chance of success.

To that end, my presentation covers five “superpowers” needed to effect positive transformational change — along with ten things to consider when attempting disruption.

Please have a look. Feedback encouraged.