Audience Reactions


Andrea Shuff, Jack in the Box

“As a client who worked closely with Eric for more than a year, I would entrust him with any large Marketing project – not just Social. Eric is one of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with – an absolute leader in the digital space, a true expert in Social and an all-around great guy. From the beginning of our engagement, he was a partner in the truest sense – engrossing himself in our business and ultimately becoming more knowledgeable about the inner workings of our organization than many of us were. He is more than capable of developing complex strategies but doesn’t shy away from then determining the necessary tactical pieces to execute it.”

Angela Scardillo, Best Buy

“Eric is among the rare few thought-leaders truly immersed in social media. He definitely ‘gets it’. Our organization reached out to Eric in an effort to better understand and integrate social media into our communications and customer experience strategy, and he left our team engaged and inspired. Like many executives, I’m looking for social media solutions that will drive our business forward and can truly have impact on our bottom line. Eric cuts right to the heart of this idea by focusing on social tools and ideas that can make this possible.

“My advice to any organization looking to make a more effective and impactful leap into the world of social media would be to engage with Eric Weaver first – no one understands the tools you’re going to need to succeed better than him.”

Gary Goldhammer, Edelman Public Relations

“Eric Weaver is a profound thinker, astute strategist and an inspirational speaker, manager and practitioner in all things digital. He can do ‘what’s now’ while always pushing his clients and colleagues toward ‘what’s next,’ and his dedication to his work is admirable to say the least. There are a very few people in this industry with Eric’s abilities or passion.”

Katherine Hall, American Marketing Association

“As president of the PSAMA, I meet a lot of people and there isn’t anyone who has a better handle on ‘what’s hot’ than Eric. I’ve heard him speak several times, including once for the PSAMA. He’s always a crowd pleaser and an innovative thought leader. Ad Club, the University of Washington—whatever the engagement is—I’ll rearrange my schedule to make sure I’m available to hear him present!”

Ean Jackson, University of British Columbia

“Eric recently spoke a social media event I organized. He immediately captivated the audience with his mastery of the subject, his creativity and his very timely jokes. People who must have been starving after a long day at the office insisted on sticking around long after his presentation. Eric is one of the best communicators I have met. I recommend him highly as one of a rare breed of true social media experts.”

Jon Winberg, Acuity Forums

“I’ve have had the opportunity of working with Eric Weaver on two occasions, this year. Eric’s presentations are very well researched and organized, he is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. The delegates were very impressed with Eric’s presentation style and incredible knowledge on the subject matter. We would highly recommend Eric and I personally look forward to the opportunity of working together in the future.”

Mike Whitmore, Fresh Consulting

“Per my recommendation, Fresh brought Eric to be our Keynote Speaker at Social Media 201 in Seattle on April 15th. He was the PERFECT choice for the event which was held at Microsoft’s Conference Center. Eric provided the perfect blend of fantastic delivery, comedic timing, supportive data and relevance to the attendees and made his Keynote one of the highlights of the event. I would highly recommend Eric as a Keynote and want to publicly recognize his contributions to the success of our event.”

Joe Kennedy, Bellevue Business Journal

“Eric is a branding and social media all-star. He was on a panel at my first Social Networking for Business Conference in May 2009 and I was so impressed that I engaged him to be the lone solo presenter at the recent Social Media 101 Conference held on Microsoft’s Redmond campus. He got very high reviews, was interviewed by local media and gave the audience extreme value during and after his presentation. Every time I speak with Eric I learn something new. I would fully recommend that anyone interested in having a very informative and engaging speaker talk to their group put Eric on top of their list.”

George Riddell, chair, American Advertising Federation

“Eric Weaver has delivered several outstanding presentations to the members and constituents of Ad Club Seattle over the past few years. Each time, he has delivered an insightful, forward-thinking analysis of the current and future state of online social networks—with specific attention to the ways marketers and advertising professionals can and should be using new media. Based on our experiences with Eric, I strongly endorse him as a presenter and expert on the subject of digital media and social networking.”

Patricia Vaccarino, Xanthus Communications

“I recently hired Eric to give a talk to our PRforPeople event that was held on July 1st in Seattle. No one can articulate the branding experience the way Eric can—he has the talent to connect with his audience and to totally transform their perspective. Eric is much more than a pioneer in social media—he is the quintessential social media ‘authority.'”