I offer highly topical custom speaking and training sessions for trade associations, management teams, employees, dealers/distributors and local business leaders, answering questions like:

  • How do I transform my organization using digital technologies without disrupting productivity?
  • How “digitally mature” is my organization?
  • Does “putting the customer at the center” really increase top-line revenue?
  • How do I make my digital content do more for the bottom line?
  • How do I prove some kind of return-on-investment for my social efforts?
  • How do I engage consumers and build trust in an era of dual screens and time starvation?
  • How can social strategies and tactics make a difference for business-to-business audiences?
  • How do I deal with exploding online crises or negative commentary?
  • How do I create internal governance processes and staffing support for new technologies and approaches?
  • How do I handle customer care issues that appear in digital channels?
  • What’s happening in my category/sector? What are my competitors doing in the social space, and how can I surpass them?


  • The five super-powers you need to enable internal digital transformation
  • Measuring the value and impact of your always-on marketing efforts
  • Six secrets to overcoming corporate social media marketing hurdles
  • The opportunity behind Social Business
  • How to effectively “socialize” your Customer Care Team
  • Dealing with socially-powered brand crises
  • Trust and its impact on revenue
  • Social media metrics for marketers
  • Crafting engagement strategies
  • Leveraging the digital behaviors of baby boomers, Gen-X and millennials
  • The practice of branding in the era of the empowered consumer