What are you feeding me? Blockchain, BS and the future of food

SYNOPSIS: Parasites in your salad. Salmonella in your child’s shampoo. Sugar water in your grandmother’s insulin shot. Incidents of counterfeit products, contamination, misleading marketing claims and outright fraud are mushrooming in the food, beauty and pharma sectors — and consumer trust has plummeted to historic lows. But what if your products could talk? Tell you where they came from, and where they’ve been? If they were real – or if they’d spoiled?

Former Xerox blockchain lead Eric Weaver discusses the growing risks around these very personal products and how distributed ledger tech is allowing brands to demonstrate proof of origin, chain of custody, and marketing claims. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of how integrating IoT and blockchain technologies with on-the-ground certification is transforming the food and consumer packaged goods sectors.


AUDIENCE: Food execs, supply chain execs, CMOs, COOs, CFOs

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: Blockchain World Summit, London UK; Global Blockchain Summit, Denver CO; Blockchain Seattle; Brand Innovators at SxSW, Austin TX, and many more.