Everyone Talks About Disruption LIKE IT’S A GOOD THING

SYNOPSIS: Consultants and “disruption specialists” often speak breathlessly about digital disruption, citing crowdsourcing statistics and scolding large brands for not being more visionary. Yet few companies are truly empowered to embrace the risk and disruption that comes with change. No one likes change, and effecting change is perhaps the most difficult challenge facing many leadership teams.

Since his early career helping automate auto plants, Eric Weaver has been involved with helping organizations adapt to and leverage digital technologies that disrupt normal business. Hired either as a disruptor or someone to aid in dealing with disruption, Weaver has had to work through the impacts to people, process and culture that frequently stop innovation dead in its tracks. In this talk, Weaver shares a very personal story of his life, his successes and his challenges at the forefront of implementing digital change, including:

  • Societal trends impacting work-related change
  • The psychology of change management
  • Incentivizing resilience
  • Measuring resilience
  • How to bring people along on the journey

Attendees will walk away with tips and tricks to turn a disruptive exercise into a positive, transformative experience for management and production teams.

PRESENTATION LENGTH: :45 (:35 talk + :10 Q&A) or :30 (:25 talk + :05 Q&A)

AUDIENCE: COOs, CMOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing, Innovation professionals

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: GetSocial 2017, Dublin Ireland