MasterClass: Marketing to the Distracted in 2019

SYNOPSIS: Compelling target audiences to bequeath gifts is one thing. Getting through the noise and distractions in the online and offline spaces is quite another. Gift- and estate-planning marketers have two enormous hurdles before them, and often without the resources to create significant impact. How can an organization stand out when donor inboxes are overflowing, time is precious, and trust is in short supply? How do we balance the propriety and donor expectations of boomers with the authenticity sought after by millennials? How do we get disparate marketing teams to work together to spike participation rates? And which channels — direct, email, mobile, social, programmatic, native advertising, etc. — will provide the best cost per dollar raised? 

29-year digital marketing veteran Eric Weaver will present a master class in marketing for gift planners, sharing best practices in digital and traditional marketing he has used at companies such as Xerox, P&G, Intel, Ford, BMW, and 75 other major organizations. Attendees will walk away with valuable strategies and tactics in their efforts to win internal support, create awareness, engage audiences, and increase gift closing rates.

PRESENTATION LENGTH: 120- or 180-minute class

AUDIENCE: COOs, CMOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing, Retail LOB managers

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: Canadian Gift Planners Association Breakfast, Vancouver Canada, February 2019