ROX: Creating a Return on Experience

SYNOPSIS: Companies are under constant, often painful pressure to increase sales and reduce costs. Often that pressure leads executive teams to look inward, pushing overworked sales teams even harder or making painful cuts to delivery capability. Yet there’s a big opportunity to achieve executive KPIs without the pain, by looking outward to the customer experience.

In this talk, veteran digital marketer Eric Weaver will discuss the growing practice of Customer Experience (CX) Management – quantifying the opportunity, providing tactical tips on improving customer touchpoints, particularly at retail, and sharing examples of top-line and bottom-line improvements that create significant Return on Experience. Cases will cover how to spike revenue through innovative customer engagement campaigns (to the tune of $1B in a record 30 days), and how to reduce costs by 25% through supply chain improvements, automation and efficiencies. Attendees will leave with a management case to shift from traditional approaches toward more impactful investments in CX improvements.


AUDIENCE: COOs, CMOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing, Retail LOB managers

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: IPG CMO Marketing Summit, Atlantic City NJ, March 2, 2017