The Smoke from the Mirrors: Assessing Outsourced Digital Marketing Competence

SYNOPSIS: Institutions often engage digital marketing specialists in everything from website management to social media engagement, search engine optimization to creative services. But without deep expertise in these highly-technical competencies, how can Procurement professionals determine real talent and competence vs. smoke and mirrors?

Fortunately, there are some simply solutions. In this talk aimed at Procurement teams, veteran digital marketer Eric Weaver will discuss lessons from 27 years in the digital agency world — providing attendees with some tell-tale signs of competent digital practitioners, and arming them with fool-proof questions that can help Procurement ensure their organization will get real results from outsourced partners.

PRESENTATION LENGTH: :45 talk with :10 Q&A or :25 talk with :05 Q&A

AUDIENCE: CPOs, VPs, Directors and Managers of Procurement

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: National Association of Education Procurement 2017 Annual Meeting, February 2017